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Cytogenetics is one of the most exiting and interesting field of study which explains how does traits is inherited from generation to generation. It is the study of chromosomes which carries gene that contain all the genetic information necessary to create a living body.

Chromosomes are genetic structure of cell DNA that serve as the blueprint of life. These Chromosomes are the one that carries inherited traits and carry the organization of the cell life.

Cytology is a branch of science deals with the study of cell. Cell serves as the functional or the basic unit of human life that carry out molecule transport, reproduction, and energy consumption. The normal human cell is made up of twenty three pairs (twenty two pair of autosomal chromosomes that under go mitosis to multiply. It is numbered from one to twenty two by order of decreasing length. And only one pair of gonosomes or sex chromosomes as the twenty third chromosome; XX for male or XY for female).

Karyotyping will show the chromosomes of an individual arranged on pair and sorted according to size from largest to smallest with the sex chromosomes as the twenty third or last pair.

Genetics is the study of inherited traits and their variations. Segment of chromosomes that contain particular informrtion together with the gene in our chromosomes contains the blueprint of life. There is approximately 35,000 genes in a human genome (a complete set of genetic instructions characteristics of an organism). These Genetic materials is carried by the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that is found in genes. The genetic information is stored in the sequence of bases in the DNA.


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